Pompano goes global


Global Warming is affecting the world around it us whether you realize it or not, but exactly what is Global Warming? Global Warming is the rising level of temperature from the increasing amount of gases in the atmosphere. There are many different things that are causing this, including power plants, cars, deforestation, and over-populated areas. Most people think that if they don’t recycle or use an unneeded amount of electricity that it isn't going to affect anything because it’s only one house, but they’re wrong. If every family adopts this thinking, one house quickly turns into thousands.  Every little bit of conservation helps.

Welcome to our class project addressing the question, “How can we make an impact on global warming?”  After researching everything we could learn about global warming we broke into groups and created projects to raise awareness and to get people talking about how they can do their part.  We used a documentary, puppet show, classroom door decorating contest and a group devoted to developing the website and any written communication.

Included in this website is information we wish to share, as well as the projects we created.

If you find this website interesting and worthwhile, please pass the link along. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit our class project.  Here’s to a cleaner, greener planet!

What do we mean?