Map Machine


National Geographic has an interactive map online!  Click the above link to access the Map Machine.  Once this loads, select “More Theme Maps” and then when the pop-up box appears, select population density and press the “apply” button.

Starting close to home, zoom in on the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.  What is our population density (write it down).

Fly up to the northeast United States.  Where is the density the highest? What is the density in those areas?

Zoom out to a national view of the United States.  What areas of the US (besides the northeast) are densely populated?  Zoom in and explore these areas.  What are your observations?

Zoom out again to a world view and fly west to China.  What areas of China are densely populated?  What is the density level?  Where is most of China’s population located?  How do these observations of China’s population compare to the observations you made about the United States?