The Road to Revolution



The events leading up to the American Revolution are just as important as the Revolution itself.  What prompted colonists to say, “No more.  We want to be free to England!”?

For this project, you will be paired with another student and investigate an area of the Revolution. 

You will be asked to review primary sources, maps, websites, essays on your topic. 

Once this is complete, you will create a timeline/step-by-step of the details of your topic.

You will create drawings to illustrate your timeline.  Once the drawings are complete, we will assemble graphic novels of your words and pictures in Comic Life.

This website was created to walk you through the process one step at a time.  There are links to websites and resources, plus the step by step breakdown of what you are being asked to do.  Follow the links at the top of the page and start with “Step 1”  This is where you’ll explore the Road to Revolution.

Have fun!

Were the American Colonists Justified in Rebelling?